22nd March, 2010

Eyes on World Cup 2013

Bangalore may just host the cricket world cup in 2013, so what if it’s the indoor variety? XLR8, the city’s first indoor cricket facility in Kothanur which has been certified by the World Indoor Cricket Federation, is bidding for the 2013 indoor cricket world cup.

“South Africa will host the tournament next year and we have bid for the one in 2013,” said Tahir Ali Khan, the centre manager.

XLR8, which has been around since mid-2008, took eight months to build. “Setting up such a structure is very difficult. The galvalume sheets which we have used for the outer part and the AstroTurf for the courts had to be imported from Dubai and other places,” said Tahir.

The indoor sports arena includes world class interiors and courts — five in all — swanky changing rooms and washrooms for men and women, a viewing gallery and refreshment points.

Not surprisingly, it attracts college students and corporates alike. Last week, for instance, it was the venue for the first college tournament held by Baldwin Boys’ Methodist College. But the attraction here are the night matches.

“There’s a football league every fortnight. On weekdays, people are busy during the day and that’s why they prefer playing at night,” said Tahir.

The rules for both cricket and soccer are different. In cricket, there are run deductions for dismissals and also for penalties. A soccer game lasts 20 minutes with a one-minute break after 10 minutes.

College students especially love this. “It’s a different game altogether. The rules are different and most of the matches are played through the night. That is amazing and fun,” said Chirag Somaiah from the Centre for Management Studies.

“The rules are what make the game interesting, fun and challenging,” adds Geo Jose, the student council president of Baldwins Methodist College.

“Bangalore was potentially the best place to start this as people here are more open to change. We will be opening another 30 such centres across India in a couple of years,” said Henry D’Souza, CEO of XLRB.

Cost of Fun:

Weekdays: Rs 1,000 per hour
Weekends: Rs 1,500 per hour

(College students have concessions)

Champs Already

XLR8 has formed its own cricket team with the best players from the monthly cricket league they hold. The team has participated in two international tournaments and has come away with one trophy already

Source: BangaloreMirror.com
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