03rd June, 2011

Footie with the peeps

They live away from home, but love a good game of footie and catching up with fellow expats.

Every fortnight, Bilal Hussain meets friends at XLR8 indoor sports arena for a round of indoor football.

Bilal, a student from Yemen, and his friends, connect and strengthen bonds here. Such hubs help individuals from across the world who have made the city their home to socialise, bond and play sport.

This particular one located in the outskirts plays host to an indoor football tournament every fortnight. Participants come from all over to take part. The arena also has facilities for indoor cricket, basketball, badminton and golf.

For Bilal, “This is a place to meet friends and play sport. As we are from another country, and live in various parts of the city, it’s nice to meet people from back home, and play football.”

The venue is packed with participants, and on an average, one can find around 10 nationalities present for a bit of game and bonding.

I’ve met and played with guys from Ireland and Africa. I’ve made friends with guys from various parts of the world as I’ve been coming here for over five years,” he adds.

Even newcomers like Kevin Messou, a student from the Ivory Coast feels the same, “This is the first time I’m coming here, but I’ve already met guys from Ivory Coast.”

Pedram, a student from Iran, agrees, “The number of guys from abroad makes me feel like just a part of the crowd, instead of being stared at. I’m also able to play my favourite game.”

These people from different countries have found a place to get together in a foreign land, and share their joys and sorrows while building a community of sorts.

As Kevin says, “This is a chance for me to meet new people and bond with friends. I’ll definitely be bringing more friends here.”

Source: deccanchronicle.com
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