22nd April, 2010

More than just a splash!

A track and field event for kids under a scorching afternoon sun can be a real pain, but what if it’s on water? Yes, Bengaluru’s top indoor sports management group XLR8 have come up with this innovative idea for children and adults that will prevent the weather from playing spoilsport and most importantly, ensure maximum fun.

Called XLR8 AquaGames, the competition is inspired from popular German TV show Telematch and Javed Jaffrey’s Takeshi’s Castle and features events such as high jump, long jump, sprint, obstacle course and kayaking among others on water.

The main competition will be held for boys and girls on May 1 in the age group of seven to 14 and will be followed by AquaGames Carnival, an enthralling event open to families and people of all ages. Both the events will be held at K.C. Reddy Swimming Centre in Sadashivnagar. “Safety is our top priority and all the AquaGames products being used are of top quality and fail proof. Trained lifeguards, standby medics and all basic emergency necessities will be taken to ensure an accident-free event,” an organiser assured.

Furthermore, owing to the tremendous success of the first international school AquaGames held in Mumbai last year, organisers said that XLR8 and Amphifun, Mumbai, have plans to conduct Bengaluru’s first inter-school AquaGames event later this year under the aegis of WAGA, the World AquaGames Association.
As a test run, the Games were organised for the wards of the K.C. Reddy Centre last week, which saw a total of 96 avid swimmers enjoy a well-earned break from their rigourous practice schedules.

Source: Deccanchronicle.com
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